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Applications are welcome from all sections
of the community, and applicants will be taken if
they meet the admission criteria
Thank you for taking an interest in applying to London East Academy.
  • Complete application form online

  • Ensure you have attached all the required documentation (Please check checklist on the application form)

  • Email required documentation to admissions@eastlondonmosqueschools.co.uk

  • Or you can submit your child’s application at the reception of London East Academy (2nd floor of London Muslim Centre) during office hours (9am to 3pm term time only)

Please note, your application must be completed fully and all relevant documents attached when submitting to avoid delays. The admissions officer will notify you of your child’s application status in due course.

  1. All secondary applicants will be asked to take the Admission Test (AT) in English, Mathematics, Science and Islamic Studies and the primary applicants in English and Maths. A short list will be made on the basis of their admission test results.
  2. Those who are not communicated within the deadline will assume that they have not been successful on that occasion.
  3. The short-listed candidates will be asked to attend an interview accompanied by a parent/guardian. They will be interviewed by a member of the admission panel in order to establish the following:-
    • They (the student and the parent/guardian) share the school’s vision.
    • The parents/guardians are committed to being active partners to the school.
    • The parents of the students have a track record of supporting Islamic causes that the school stands for.
    • The student (secondary) is able to read the Qur’an and has memorised or is committed to memorising by September of the year of Entry one Juz (1/30) of the Qur’an.
    • The student (primary) is able to read Qaeda and has memorised some small surahs.
    • The student has a track record of attendance (95% or above), good behaviour, and completion of homework.
    • The student has obtained a certificate from his present school that he is working at level 4 (secondary) and at level 2a (primary) in all core subjects.
    • The parent/guardian has the means of paying fees for the duration of the candidate’s study at the School.
    • The student has a sibling in the London East Academy or Al-Mizan school.
  1. Places will be offered the students who are top of the list and the rest will be kept on a waiting list for one year if parents show interest in writing.
  2. The order in the waiting list will be determined by a panel chaired by the Chair of Governors after considering the written request from the parents in which they will explain how they are going to support their son in weak areas of the curriculum and so on.
  3. Successful candidates offer will be conditional. The condition will include signing an agreement and paying fees for one term within the period of four weeks.
  4. To make an application please contact Ustadha Rahima Begum on 020 7650 3079. Any online applications should be returned to admissions@eastlondonmosqueschools.co.uk

If you have any queries regarding this matter please contact me.

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