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11th Annual Huffaz Graduation Ceremony

We are delighted to announce our  11th Huffaz Graduation Ceremony for Al-Mizan and London East Academy on Wednesday 23rd February 2022 (No booking required for attending the Graduation Ceremony). 

Students from Al-Mizan and London East Academy will be recognized for their efforts in completing the memorization of the Holy Qur’an. May Allah reward them and their families. Ameen. 

The event will begin at 4:45pmfor parents and guests, it will include recitations from the graduates, speeches from key stakeholders and guests, the handing out of certificates.

The dinner will be served after Isha Salah at  7.35pm on First Floor Hall, LMC (Booking required, £15 per person).

To Reserve your seat at the Huffaz Dinner, please email eleonora@elmschools.co.uk