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Virtual Classroom

At London East Academy learning continues we have set virtual classroom,
Pupils will be taught live with their teacher throughout the duration of the closure.
Virtual classroom begins Friday 20th March 2020.

Download London East Academy Timetable for Year 7 – Year 11


Here you will find our home learning resource pack to keep our student learning during school closure.

Home learning resource pack

london east academy guide for zoom

Introduction to Zoom

Zoom is an online application that allows meetings and sessions to take place remotely. The software is used in corporate settings and some countries for distant learning. London East Academy and Al-Mizan have adopted a new approach to learning during these tough times. The application allows

  • Teachers and students to interact via voice, video, text and screen sharing
  • Send files to and from
  • Record lessons
  • Assess students live
  • And much more

Installing Zoom

  1. Please open up a web browse
    1. Go to the www.zoom.us website
    2. Highlight resources
    3. Click on Download zoom client
    4. Click on the ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’ download button and install the application

Using Zoom

Open zoom

  1. Click on ‘join a meeting’
  2. Enter the Personal Meeting ID (PMI) for the subject you need to join according to the timetable
    1. A list of teacher PMI can be found in the ‘Personal Meeting ID’ section
    2. Timetable will be available on the school website
  3. Enter the students full name
    1. A register will be taken every lesson
    2. Late students may not be able to join as lessons may be locked if there are interruptions

Instructional Video

Personal Meeting ID

Please see the letter sent to you with your Personal Meeting ID codes to access the virtual classrooms. It will also be sent to you via tex